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Sales Tracking Software: Keep Track of Your Sales Goals Easily

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  • Updated: February 7, 2024
  • Published: February 6, 2023

A good sales representative will be working on many deals at once, trying to expand upon their current portfolio of closings and enjoy better business. Juggling deals at different stages of closing a sale can make it difficult to keep them all in order at every step. Any skilled sales manager will always be encouraging their sales representatives to get a handle on what potential deals are on the horizon and how to keep their team productive as possible.

Thankfully, using a sales tracking software or sales tracker app to rein in all of that data makes things much simpler at every step of the way, so your team can focus more time and effort on making sales and growing your business.

See more below about why sales tracking software is so important and how it can help improve the efficiency of your sales team.

More than an Excel Spreadsheet

Still find yourself relying on that old, trusty spreadsheet? Trust us, there is an even simpler way. Plus, it’s much safer too. Using sales tracking software draws the line between a “one-size-fits-none” approach of a spreadsheet to tailor what business owners, sales managers, and sales representatives care about the most. 

Sales tracking software doesn’t just mark each deal as a dollar figure, it keeps track of multiple deals with the same customers, the value of each sale and the products or services rendered, the number of deals won or lost by sales representatives over time, and much, much more.

Notably, what the spreadsheet can’t do is keep track of more than what’s already happened, but keep track — in real-time — of the sales goals for each sales representative. 

Features of a Sales Tracker App

Sales tracking can include so many different data points that paint a complete picture of the sales portfolio for your business. 

Features for Sales Managers include:

  • Seeing all of your team’s sales individuals and as a whole.
  • Which deals fell through and which closed.
  • Track all of your team’s deals through the pipeline. (insert hyper to pipeline blog)
  • Set, adjust, and view the team’s sales goals for the month, quarter, and year.
  • Work with the goals set for each sales representative.
  • Track commissions.
  • Retrieve automated sales reports.
  • Send notes and messages to members of your team instantly.
  • Implement sales contests and set performance bonuses.

Each of these features offers a unique and useful tool for a sales manager to keep their team running efficiently.

Image screenshot showcasing the simple dashboard of's platform

Importance of Accurate, Timely Tracking

It always matters to have accurate, up-to-the-minute tracking, no matter the size of your sales team. With a sales tracking app, your team can take sales goals with them wherever they go, and mark a deal as closed within minutes of the closing occurring.

  • Sales tracking software makes it possible to:
  • Update deal progress in real-time.
  • Reduce spreadsheet downloading, uploading, and inaccurate data-keeping.
  • Showcase new deals to the team.
  • Update closed deals automatically towards a sales representative’s monthly goals.

When you track your sales with real-time software, your team is always on the same page when it comes to expectations, goals, and prior deal history. 

An image of the dashboard.

With, you and your team see the core figures that matter with a user experience that can be learned in minutes.

How to use Sales Tracking Apps Successfully

The key to being successful at anything is establishing a sturdy and proper foundation. That is no different from sales tracking software. The very foundation is ensuring every team member and manager has a dedicated space within the platform so no piece of the puzzle is missing when it comes to data entering.

Ensure your company has set up existing customer data and employee portfolios to track goals accurately when beginning the use of this software. Incomplete data will result in skewed goals and misleading sales data at the end of the quarter or year.

Make sure your team knows how to enter their data from the initial cold call throughout the journey until closing. Each step of that journey is valuable to track to keep the team (more importantly the sales manager) up to date on the status of a sales representative’s business.

Once your team is completely active on the platform, everyone is familar with the platform and data is present, the most important thing is to use the tracking software! The tracking app is only as valuable as the data within it, so make sure your team habitually enters data at every step of the sales process. As a sales manager your role is to keep commission data, sales goal data and deal status up to date by using the platform every day. The more data that is tracked, the more valuable the tracking software becomes for your business over time. 

This image is showcasing the total sales graphs for pending deals, wins and losses along with the business's total sales and goals for the year.

With, each team member and manager can view all of their important deal data in one convenient location.

Simplify your Sales Tracking Software needs with

Sales tracking apps can often be overbuilt and difficult to use. With only the most fundamental data points for your sales team, cuts out the noise and makes it easier to track your team’s sales and monitor their monthly or yearly goals. 

Track every part of the sales process easily with It is just a few clicks to begin a deal in the system, and quick for a sales manager to approve a closed deal. In real-time, tracks that data and applies it to the sales representative’s monthly sales goal and the team’s total sales for the month. 

Easily view automated reports to get a larger overview of your sales tracking in addition to our straightforward dashboard.

Sales Tracking is made easy with’s simple and powerful tools to improve your team’s sales performance and elevate your business’s bottom line. Sign up for a 30-day free trial today, or reach out to our success team to answer your important questions. 


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